Meeting Room

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Private space for people who want to create private Metting room with a fully furnished. there people

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sitting area should be according to you how many seat you want to put there.

Office Desk

If someone want to build Office desk for office use we create it all types of desk as your requirement we create unique design desk

Office Setup

who want to create private office with a fully furnished office workspace with sitting area, cafeteria and Meeting room all

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complete office we create


A premium private space for people who want to create private office with a

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fully furnished office workspace with sitting area, cafeteria and Meeting room all complete office we create that can be used by a team that ranges from 3 to

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Its an ideal space for startups and businesses who want the whole cabin at their convenience. Special access cards provide our clients with necessary safety along with complimentary services that include access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, recreational areas and a terrace garden to break the monotony of any day.

Reception Office

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to create private reception room with a fully furnished.

Private offices are also provided with a dedicated reception centre along with a housekeeping staff that is present 24*7